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-Tavros’s P.O.V.-
You wheeled to your locker to get out some books and such. You grabbed those and went to grab a calculator when you saw a folded piece of paper at the bottom of the locker. You grabbed it and unfolded it. You blushed. It was a picture of you and (name), the girl you met the other day, hugging. It was obviously one of Nepeta’s drawings. That meant…she must have been shipping. Oh god, no. You don’t like her…do you?
-Reader P.O.V.-
You were just sitting in your chair, doing some math. That’s right, math class. Math plus you equals stress to the power of fail. You heard a knock on the door of the classroom. The teacher went over and you saw…Tavros wheel in. He handed a note to your teacher. “(Name), there’s something for you in the office.” She/He said. You got up and went with Tavros. “Hey Tav.” You said. “Hey (name). Uh…you realize that the note was fake, right?” He said. “Yeah, I guessed. I mean, I live alone, my only friend is Nepeta, and I never lose stuff. So it’s kind of impossible that something would be in the office for me. So, what do you want?” You said/asked.
“I wanted to talk to you but uh, I know realize I have no way to say this…but uh…” Tavros said, nervous. You smiled because you understood perfectly well what he was trying to say. You leaned in and kissed him, soft and sweet. “No talking. Unless a ‘word of silence’ is a real thing.” You laughed and kissed him again.

Nepeta hid behind the wall and took a picture with her new camera. “Pawsitively Purfect!!! This will defurnitely go in my scrapbook!!!” She  squealed.
I'll be writing a Nepeta x Reader next!

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February 1, 2013
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